Coaching with Ginney - Your Partner in Transformation and Personal Growth

Coaching with Ginney: Your Partner in Transformation and Personal Growth

Coaching with Ginney - Your Partner in Transformation and Personal Growth

Coaching with Ginney: Your Partner in Transformation and Personal Growth

Coaching With Ginney Is A Compassionate And Supportive Company Focused On Helping Clients Navigate Significant Life Changes And Transformations. As A Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner And Transformational Life Coach, Ginney Meets Her Clients Where They Are, Providing Accountability, Tools, And Partnership Throughout Their Journey. All Coaching Sessions Are Conducted Online Via Zoom, Ensuring Convenience, Confidentiality, And Flexibility.
Before Committing To A Coaching Package, Ginney Offers A Discounted One-Hour Introductory Session To Establish A Solid Foundation For The Coaching Partnership. She Works With Clients Experiencing Various Transformations, Both Wanted And Unwanted. These Changes May Include Career Shifts, Relocation, Changes In Relationship Status, Or Coping With The Loss Of A Loved One. Ginney Helps Clients Stay On Track By Holding Them Accountable And Acting As A True Partner In Their Transformation Journey.

Ginney - Your Transformational Life Coach and Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner

Meet Ginney: Your Transformational Life Coach and Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner

With Over 25 Years Of Experience In The Recruiting Field As Both A Consultant And Corporate Employee, I've Honed My Skills In Helping People Navigate Career Transitions And Life Transformations. As A Dedicated Life Coach And Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner, I Specialize In Supporting Individuals As They Embark On Their Unique Journeys Of Change And Growth.
I'm Passionate About Working With People Experiencing Significant Shifts In Their Lives, Whether Those Changes Are Welcomed Or Challenging. Transitions May Include Career Or Employer Changes, Adjustments In Relationships Or Living Situations, Weight, Changing Your Money Story, Or Grieving The Loss Of A Loved One.

As A Firm Believer That "Everything Is Energy," I Have Spent Decades On My Own Journey Of Self-Development And Self-Reflection, Maintaining A Curious Mindset And Continuously Learning. Through My Studies And Experiences, I Have Developed A Comprehensive System For Understanding And Moving Through Change, Including A Framework To Assist Others On Their Personal Paths. Each Individual's Needs Are Unique, And I Can Provide Insight And Guidance.
My Coaching Approach Is A Blend Of Professional Coaching, EFT Tapping, Yoga, Meditation And Sound Therapy, Drawing From My Extensive Studies With Various Trainings. I Have Witnessed Both Big And Small "Magic" In My Own Life And The Lives Of Others, Demonstrating The Transformative Power Of 1 to 1 Coaching.
As A Compassionate And Dedicated Coach, I Work With Clients Committed To Their Growth, I Understand That Each Person's Journey Is Unique And That Partnering With A Coach Can Provide Invaluable Accountability And Support. I Believe In The Power Of Coaching And Continually Learn From My Coaches And Mentors.
Embark On Your Transformative Journey With Me, Ginney As Your Guide, And Together, We'll Co-Create The Next Steps Toward A Fulfilling And Empowered Life.

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Discover EFT Tapping: Unlock Emotional Freedom and Transform Your Life

My Training & Experience

I am an EFT Certified Practitioner through EFT Universe, and a Tapping Coach.

I am also a Yoga Instructor and have taught groups and individuals for more than 20 years, both in person and on Zoom. I have completed training in Hatha Yoga, Grief Yoga ®, Yin Yoga, Trauma Yoga, Yoga for Veterans, and Meditation, and is currently studying with both Yoga Medicine ® (Mental Health and Wellness, and Trauma Yoga) and Energy Medicine Yoga, to further develop these modalities.

I have a strong interest in end of life care and Have completed end of life doula training, after several years working with hospice as a volunteer.

I am also passionate about sharing these tools to help Students and Clients. I have had had an opportunity to coach people from many walks of life through life challenges, including but not limited to: career changes, financial goals, personal development, physical wellness goals, grief, and the creation of new goals.

Our Life Coach in Vermont helps you identify your strengths, build confidence, and create a roadmap for success

Why Choose Us?

Coaching with Ginny provides Transformational Life Coaching to help you achieve your career goals and unlock your full potential. With personalized support, practical tools, and accountability, I will help you identify your strengths, build confidence, and create a roadmap for success.

  • Experience relief from stress, anxiety, and negative emotions with EFT Tapping Coaching sessions.
  • Achieve your big goals and transform your life with personalized Transformational Life Coaching.
  • Find peace and support during difficult times with compassionate End-of-Life Doula services.
  • Enjoy a safe and supportive environment to explore feelings, work through challenges, and achieve goals.
  • Gain practical tools, insights, and guidance to help you confidently and easily navigate life changes.

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